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List of previous albums

This is an advertisement page, listing Redon's previous albums: Dans Le Rêve (1879), À Edgar Poë (1882), and Les Origines (1883), all printed by Lemercier. For each album, the numbers of plates has been listed as well as the size of the edition.

The earlier albums were printed in noticeably smaller editions than Hommage à Goya (with the first and second printings bringing the number of copies to 75). The initial edition of 50, matches the size of the À Edgar Poë album edition. Redon clearly expected the albums referencing popular literary and artistic figures to be more successful. The requirement for a second edition and the increase in edition size of subsequent albums reflects Redon's established status as an artist. Furthermore, in 1884, the year between Les Origines and Hommage à Goya, Redon's notoriety had grown with his inclusion in J.-K. Huysmans' novel A Rebours, for wihch he later printed a Frontispiece.


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