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Keith Grant
born 1930
Graphite and eraser on paper
Given by the artist, 2005

Born in Liverpool, Grant attended Willesden Art School then went to the Royal College of Art where his enthusiasm for the northern landscapes of Scotland, Norway and Iceland was encouraged by one of his teachers, Colin Hayes. Grant's work has continued to be dominated by the scenery of remote and elemental regions.

Grant visited Antarctica during the 2001/02 austral summer as part of British Antarctic Survey's Artists and Writers Programme, and used this sketchbook on the trip. This page shows an iceberg, probably off Cheshire Island. It was drawn on 8 January 2002 and includes characteristic colour notes.

In a letter dated 7 February 2002 Grant wrote: 'I feel my painting has benefited enormously from my visit South it has actually intensified my feelings for the North...' and again in a letter dated 25 November 2004: 'But I am only rather disappointed for two reasons... The other is that despite the splendour of the South I now feel its importance will be in what it adds to my northern work and not in any more paintings directly inspired by the Antarctic.'

The Fitzwilliam has forty-six sketch-books by Keith Grant.


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