Image["The Pseudo Pacchia PD.1-2005"]

The Pseudo Pacchia
active c.1530
Sheet of studies including a lutenist serenading a woman
Pen and brown ink on paper
Given by Mrs Charlotte Gere in memory of J. A. Gere, 2005

This drawing relates to a group of studies by an unidentified sixteenth-century artist, probably of the Sienese school, who has been called 'The Pseudo Pacchia' because of the stylistic similarity of the drawings to those of Girolamo del Pacchia (1477-1533), Domenico Beccafumi (1484-1551) and Giovanni Bazzi, il Sodoma (1477-1549). Sixteen sheets of similar size, probably part of a sketchbook, were sold from the Henry Scipio Reitlinger Collection in 1953. Some of these are now in the British Museum and the Art Institute in Chicago. This example shows the characteristic gusto with which the Pseudo Pacchia draws, together with a rather more refined line than in some of the other drawings in this group.

J. A. Gere, a specialist on Italian Renaissance drawings, was Keeper of Prints and Drawings at the British Museum 1973-1981.


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