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Passport to the Egyptian Afterlife
The Book of the Dead of Ramose

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Book of the Dead: spell 83

Vignette from Ramose Book of the Dead

Vignette from Spell 83 of the
Book of the Dead of Ramose

Spells 83 enables Ramose to turn into a benu-bird. This mythical bird was associated with the sun-god, especially the rising sun, and so with daily re-birth. In later times people equated it with the phoenix, perhaps because they were both believed to be repeatedly re-born from a fiery origin.

They way it was depicted varied at different periods. In the Books of the Dead it is usually shown in the form of a heron, as here.

The way the bird has been painted on this papyrus is very skillful and gives one a sense of the delicate shape of the bird’s body, and the downy feathers on its chest. The sharp beak is also really well depicted.

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