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Collection Catalogue

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British and other Campaign and
Gallantry Medals
from the Collection of
Lester Watson (1889-1959)


The Watson collection numbers 379 individual items, as well as a few pieces separately numbered and an array of grouped medals (awarded to the same person, and sometimes arranged on the same bar for wearing on dress uniform). For ease of browsing, the catalogue has therefore been divided into five sections accessible through the submenu to the left (or below if browsing in text-only mode).


Mr Lester Watson seems to have started collecting medals while he was still at College – the earliest recorded provenance is a medal given to him by his uncle Charles Pfaff in 1904 (no. 73). Most of the medals had been acquired by 1928/29, and only a few more were added in the 1930s. The last pieces to be bought were in 1937 (nos. 41, 294).

The information given here is collated from a card catalogue and a hand-written inventory of the collection both prepared by Mr Watson at the beginning of 1928 and then kept up to date. The cards have some specific information about where and when medals were bought and the original prices paid (converted into dollars in the majority of cases, and not given here).