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L'Umana Fragilità (Human Frailty)

Rosa, Salvator (painter)

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L'Umana Fragilità

Translated title

Human Frailty


Rosa, Salvator (painter) [ULAN info: Italian artist, 1615-1673]







Neapolitan School

Technique Description

oil on canvas


height: 197.4 cm
width: 131.5 cm


circa 1656


bought: Knoedler, Messrs 1958 (Filtered for: Paintings, Drawings and Prints)

Cardinal Flavio Chigi (c. 1630-93), Rome; presumably in the possession of the Chigi family until an unknown date before 1824; John, 2nd Lord Northwick (1770-1859); Northwick sale, Christie's, 20 May 1838 (114), bt. in; Northwick sale, Thirlestane House, Cheltenham, Philips, 26 July 1859 (1120), bt. Agnew; sold by Messrs Thomas Agnew, London, to R.C. Fergusson, August 1859; descended to his grandson-in-law, Lt.-Col. Wallace Cunninghame, D.S.O.; his sale, Christie's, 7 March 1958 (28), bt. Messrs Knoedler London


  1. Position: on the scroll
    Content: Conceptio Culpa, Nasci pena, / Labor vita, Necesse Mori
  2. monogram
    Position: on the blade of the knife
    Content: S.R.


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Accession Number

PD.53-1958 (Paintings, Drawings and Prints)
(Reference Number: 599; Input Date: 1999-12-14 / Last Edit: 2011-01-12)

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PD.5-2002 - Study for 'L'Umana Fragilità'

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