A History of The World

Is there an object in the Fitzwilliam Museum that has special meaning or significance for you?

Is there something that you think will help tell
'A History of the World'?

If so, we'd really like to hear from you.

The British Museum, in partnership with the BBC, and other museums around the country have put together a selection of objects that begin to tell a history of the world. But this is only the start. You can add an object of your own to 'A History of the World'

The Cambridge Hoard of medieval gold and silver coins

one of the objects from the Fitzwilliam Museum featured in 'A History of the World'

If you would like to nominate an object from the Fitzwilliam Museum to be submitted to the BBC site you are welcome to select anything you wish (provided we already have an image of it). For inspiration browse through our gallery of 100 objects. You can also search the whole catalogue, using the search box on this page or use the links to other resources on the Fitzwilliam Museum website.

To nominate an object from the Fitzwilliam’s collection just send an email to , telling us what the object is and a few short sentences saying why you think it is important in a history of the world. We will then upload it to the BBC site. All objects are moderated so we cannot guarantee that it will be shown on the BBC’s 'A History of the World' website.

If you have a personal story to tell about an object in the Fitzwilliam please contribute this to our own project 'Hidden Histories: Names and Faces.' This explores the many connections between people and objects in the Museum. You may have been a previous owner of an object or know something about its history, or you may have found inspiration in a particular item.

Post a 'Hidden History'

Visit the 'Hidden Histories: Names and Faces' website

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