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Definition: intense feeling of deep affection
...a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone
...a great interest and pleasure in something
...a person or thing that one loves
...(in tennis, squash etc.) a score of zero, apparently from the phrase play for love (i.e. the love of the game, not for money)


Old English, related to leave 'be absent' and lief 'happily'

[Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, 2007]

The biographies grouped under this theme explore love between individuals, for a country and for objects. Why did Richard, 7th Viscount Fitzwilliam of Merrion, the founder of the Museum, spend so much time in Paris? Why did one of the greatest US benefactors of the Museum always return to England? What could fried bananas and miniature bottles of champagne possibly have to do with jewellery?