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This option lets you find out more about a selection of objects in the Fitzwilliam Museum and explore some of the personal histories associated with them.

How did the Psalter and Hours of Isabelle of France come to be in Cambridge? How did the Cambridge Hoard make it from Chesterton Lane to the Fitzwilliam Museum?

Select a period and scroll through the objects using the left and right arrows.

Ancient World
Forepart of lion, prob. from door lintel
Osiris, with blue bead necklace
Disk with Qing emperor Qianlong's poem on the edge
Middle Ages
The Reichenau Epistolary
Ivory book cover
Fragment of a secular cup
Stoneware and bronze kundika
Aquamanile in shape of a lion
The Psalter and Hours of Isabelle of France
Silver coin from the Cambridge Hoard
Gold coin from the Cambridge Hoard
Mediterranean 1400-1700
Rustici 'Mercury taking flight'
Miniature, Missal of Pope Clement VII
Titian 'Venus and Cupid with a lute player'
Titian 'Tarquin and Lucretia'
Maiolica pharmacy jar
Panel of Damascus tiles
Northern Europe 1400-1700
Gold coin issued by John of Heinsberg
Coronation coin of Maximilian I
Mortar by Petrus van den Ghein
Powder flask
'Todenkopf' or close helmet
Anthony van Dyck, Archbishop Laud
Nicolas Poussin 'Eliezer and Rebecca'
A. van Bolten /B. Prieur(?), 'Grotesque bird'
Flint-lock pistol, inscribed 'Le Conte A Carhat'
18th Century
John Wootton 'A race on the Round Course at Newmarket'
Stubbs 'Gimcrack with John Pratt up on Newmarket Heath'
Japanese 4 mon sen brass coin
Inscription on Lord Fitzwilliam's copy of 'Les Spectacles de Paris' for 1784
19th Century
Campana-shaped vase
Trowel with engraved floor plan of Fitzwilliam Museum
Photograph of W.S Blunt's mistress Lola
Charles Fairfax Murray 'The flaming heart'
Portrait of Catherine 'Skittles' Walters
Hair locks of W.S. Blunt's mistress Anita
Hair locks of a mistress of W.S. Blunt
Harry Meader's Sea Gallantry Medal
Edgar Degas 'Arabesque...'
Charles Shannon 'In the house of Delia'
20th Century
Leopold Gautrait, Art Nouveau Enamel Brooch-Pendant
Omar Ramsden, Quatrefoil Dish
Charles Ricketts, Pendant
Hair locks of Dorothy Carleton
Edmund Dulac, 'Ricketts and Shannon...'
Lucie Rie 'Vase'
Hans Coper, 'Vase'
Hans Coper 'Spade-shaped form'
John Bellany 'Love Song: Homage to Titian'