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Photograph of Harry Meader

Harry Meader


Harry Meader

The Indian ChiefIn 1881 Harry Meader was a member of the regular crew of the Ramsgate lifeboat. On the 5th of January that year a trading vessel, the Indian Chief, went aground in heavy seas on Long Sand in the English Channel. As the ship gradually broke apart, more and more of the crew were swept away. The following morning only 11 survivors remained but they were rescued by the paddle-steamer tug, the Vulcan, and the sail-driven lifeboat Bedford out of Ramsgate. For his part in the rescue, Harry Meader received the Sea Gallantry medal (an award that had been created by the Board of Trade in 1855). Harry Meader's medal found its way into the Fitzwilliam Museum collection in 2007 as part of a bequest made to the Art Fund.

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Harry Meader's Sea Gallantry Medal

Harry Meader's Sea Gallantry Medal
The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge