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34 Wooden headrest

Ethiopia, Me’en
First half of the twentieth century or later

The Me’en headrests have a conical base, a rectangular block-like support wider at the top and a conspicuous figure-of-eight type platform with a slightly convex plane. They are often decorated, as here, with closely set aluminium pins – in both cases a single row following the edges of the platform, in the second a further line from front to back. The first example has the base resting on eight unevenly placed metal studs, the second, two vertical aluminium pins on the side.

Both have two holes pierced on the top and bottom of the support to hold the handle. The base of this example rests on eight unevenly placed metal studs. At the intersection of the base and the support are two holes for the handle. The edge the platform has a single row of closely set aluminium pins with a further line from front to back.

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