Fan types

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There are three basic types of fan construction:

Image["screen fan"]
Fixed or screen fans

A fixed shape or rigid fan, attached to a handle. The earliest type of fan known. Like the folding fan, the screen provides fan-makers with a mini-canvas on which to paint, stitch, or print a design.

Image["folding fan"]
Folding fans

Unlike fixed fans, folding or pleated fans can open and close because of their multiple, overlapping sticks. Attached to the sticks is the leaf or mount, which can be made of skin, paper, or woven fabric.

Image["brisé fan"]
Brisé fans

Brisé fans (from the word 'broken' in French) are made solely of sticks held together by a rivet at the lower end, and a ribbon or thread close to the top to keep them in order when they unfurl or close.

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