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Place des Victoires

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Place des Victoires


Unknown (maker)

Guerard, Nicolas (printmaker) [ULAN info: French artist, c.1648-1719]


Messel-Rosse Collection




folding fan


Double leaf of paper painted in polychrome body colour, and gilt. Ivory sticks and guards (18+ 2); the former decorated with gilt silver foil, the latter pierced and backed with mother-of-pearl. Paste rivet.

Double leaf of paper, painted in polychrome body colour, and gilt. Ivory sticks and guards (18+ 2). The front of the sticks are engraved with striations, alternately two with a line down each side, and two with three lines close together. The guards have three lines on the lower part. All were originally covered with silver-gilt foil, some of which is missing (see condition). The upper part of the guards have a pierced and carved floral stem originally covered with silver-gilt foil, mostly missing, and backed by mother-of-pearl. The front of the leaf is decorated overall with a view of the Places des Victoires, Paris, with a statue of Louis XIV in the centre. At either side there are two green bushes, and a border of gold flowers and foliage, which extends round the top edge of the leaf. The reverse is decorated with a street scene with four tradesmen, and two ladies wearing hooped skirts, and on the left, two gravestones (?)

Production Notes

The source for the view of the Place des Victoires was probably the engraving of 1687 by Nicolas Guérard (d.1719).The project for the statue and Place des Victoires had been conceived and carried out by the Duc de la Feuillade in order to glorify Louis XIV. The gilt-bronze statue of the King by Martin Desjardins (1637-1694) situated in the centre was destroyed in 1792 during the French Revolution.

Production Place

Colmar, Paris (maker) (place) ()

France, (maker) (country)

French (maker) (nationality)


length: (guards): 26.9 cm
width: (leaf): 49 cm


late 18th century
Louis XVI


circa 1760 to 1780


bought: Anne, Countess of Rosse 1985-01-28 (Filtered for: Applied Arts collection)

Colonel Leonard C. Messel (1872-1953); his daughter Anne, Countess of Rosse (1902-1992)

Purchased with a grant from the National Heritage Memorial Fund and a gift from The Friends of the Fitzwilliam Museum


  1. Souchal, François (1977-1987) French Sculptors of the 17th and 18th Centuries: The Reign of Louis XIV. Illustrated Catalogue, Oxford: Cassirer [page: 253]
    [comments: Ref: The source of the view of the Place des Victoires is the engraving of Nicolas Guérard (d.1719) of 1687, illustrated p. 253. The Statue of Louis XIV in the middle the Place was by Martin Desjardins (1637-1694). It was of gilt-bronze and was destroyed in 1792. The project for the statue and Place was conceived and carried out by the Duc de la Feuillade in order to glorify the King. See also p. 254-257 for the reliefs on the pedestal and the slaves at its corners.]
  2. Wiegert, Roger-Armand (1968) Bibliothèque Nationale, Inventaire de Fonds Français Graveurs du XVIIe Siècle, Colmar, Paris: Bibliothèque Nationale de France [page: 116] 1968)
    [comments: Ref: For the print]

Other Notes

Accession Number

M.251-1985 (Applied Arts)
(Reference Number: 117836; Input Date: 2004-12-07 / Last Edit: 2011-07-22)

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