97. Mrs. Varley to John Linnell (MS2809-2000)


It was totally out of Mr. Varley’s power to leave us any money before he went to the Freemasons Tavern to ballot in some new members he desires me to say if you do not stand our friend we must go without either tea or supper. Tomorrow he receives a guinea certain from Colonel D. [?] they and is in expectation of more in the evening. I feel certain of its being refunded tomorrow. 3”/ will suffice Yrs. E [?] Varley

97. Mrs. Varley to John Linnell (MS2804-2000)


I am quite without money can you assist me as we have not even a bit of bread in the house but do not inconvenience yourself.

Yrs E [?] V

98. Mrs. Varley to John Linnell (MS2810-2000)

My Dear Sir,

Has Mr. Varley made any request to you with regard to letting us have some money. It is so irregularly sent to us that I can seldom manage an economical meal for the children and this morning I know not where to seek him which obliges me now to trouble you but you see the offender often enough to pin him down

Sir Yr Olgd
E [?] V

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