108. Notice at Plymstock from the Papers of Thomas Palmer (MS4251-2000)

The following notice may be seen in the window of a cottage near Plymstock

I ---------- Parish Clarck, Etrinary Seargant, Smith, tacheth Yonge Garls and Bouys to Rade and Rite, daleth in Mole Candles, Shugar Plums, Rish Lites, Cornes, Mole traps, Mouse traps, Spring Guns & all other Sweet meats - Teethe distracted, Blid drawn, Blisters, Pills, Mixtures maid; also Nails and Hosses shoed, Hepsom Salts and Cornes cut and all other other things on rasonable Tarms.

N. B. And also my Misses goes out has man whidhife in the cheapest ways possible.

The Fitzwilliam Museum