102. Samuel Palmer - draft note for letter to John Linnell (MS185-2000)

Our household expenses with two servants and the present heavy taxation are very heavy in proportion to our means - and when I hear of many a country clergyman bringing up a family reputably on 200.0.0 a year I cannot understand it. But since we have been in our present house, finding the duties of hospitality and honesty incompatible we have been obliged to choose the latter and have had no visitors but such as we were obliged to have from professional necessity - these very seldom and only to tea. Indeed we have in some cases been losers from our economy on this point. One very valuable acquaintance I know we have lost by it - But still, the mere necessities of life make the purse like a sieve.

Several of the Kensington artists have been over charged by the grasping Income Tax Commissioner and I appealed and gained the day against a table full of lawyers - and on a point of law too - on which I was told before I had no chance.

The Fitzwilliam Museum