Passport Checks

Samuel Palmer at the Hotel Rossignol, Paris to John Linnell and his wife, October, 1837:

“We have only been able to rush into the Louvre now and then in an odd hour stolen from the eternal nuisance of the passport business - which is ten times worse than the worst we have heard in England - we have made no mistakes and are merely suffering from the slow torture of the police routine - under the old government we are told it was very mild - but now it is almost unbearable. Although so far from the borders of Italy they would not sign at Paris (for it had been vised at Calais) until we told them at what part of the frontiers we left for Italy and I do not know that the route could afterwards be altered - If Lord Palmerston’s passport had declared us to be felons on parole we could not have been treated with more vigour.”


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