Linnell on Gilchrist's biography of Blake

“As however Blake’s life has just been published I shall only say now that several matters related therein are in my opinion great exaggeration. The story for instance of Blake and his wife acting Adam and Eve and asking Mr. Butts to walk in is so entirely unlike everything I have known of him so improbable from the impracticability of the thing on account of Climate that I do not think it is possible but must have grown into the story related in Gilchrist’s Life of Blake through its travels “about Town” as stated - Blake was very unreserved in his narrations to me of all his thoughts and actions and I think if anything like this story had been true he wd have told me of it. I am sure he wd have laughed heartily at it if it had been told of him or anyone else for he was a hearty laugher at absurdity”

John Linnell’s Autobiographical notes, f.58

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