Election Corruption

January 1858
Friday 29th

Cards with name of each candidate were issued yesterday but it being found that these cards were bought up by the Doulton & Walters parties at from 7/ to 15/ per card, the voters were supplied at the voting place with slips of paper prepared in the voting room - one of which slip containing the name of the cand. intended to be voted for to be placed in the B. Box & the other two slips burnt first.

Mr Wesley said that Barker the Tailor sold 3 cards for a sovn.

Sat 30 Meeting at Lakers Hotel of Wilkinsonís Committee
Evidence given of bribery & intimidation by Doultonís party
Thos. Featherston had given a lad 10/to take down Wnss bill and put up Dís
T. F. also told Inkpen the blacksmith's wife that if her husband did not vote for Doulton, he Featherstone wd bring a blacksmith from London and set him up close by in oppn. to Inkpen. Inkpen said all this.
Wesley said he heard Doulton offer a man 5/ for his day if he wd. vote for him Ö

Journal of John Linnell for the years 1858-1866

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