A Road Accident and its Legal and Medical Consequences

Elizabeth Harris brought home in a Cab - & two men in a one horse 4 wheeled chaise - which had run over her. Mr Innes the surgeon sent for who came with his assistant & pronounced the leg not broken or dislocated only wounded & bruised - wounds washed (which were on each ankle & the right leg) & 18 leeches applied for 15 m - washed for one hour with warm water & mustard poultice applied - all after she had been helped to bed - except the washing of the wounds at first which was done in kitchen E. H. sitting & in great pain.

The policeman No 150-D took the two men to Marylebone Station & the principal Mr Drake jun. of 26 Parah street, Paddn was baild out for his appearance at High street office on Wednesday 29th --- 150-D came next morg to say I need not attend that day. I went however & saw & spoke to Mr Griffiths the magistrate who said I shd. have notice when to attend again.

Mr. Drakes Jun. came on Tuesday evg 28th & agreed to pay 10 next morning, to pay also Mr Innes for what had been done by him & also to pay Dr. Thompson to attend Elizabeth Harris through the affair until she recovered - Mr. Varley present - also the other man who was with Mr Drake at first (John Ward) .

Mr John Drake sent Mr Ward Wednesday morn Oct 30th & paid 10 in the presence of Mr Allen who wrote a note for me to the magistrates at High Street Marylebone [to] say that Mr John Drake had made satisfaction to the young women injured for the injury & she did not wish to pursue the charge any further - they were accordingly discharged - they came in the evening and agreed to settle with Dr Thompson for his attendance & also with Mr Innes.

Mr Innes passed the case of El. Harris over to Dr Thompson with her consent.

Leeches again applied on Wednesday.

Yeast poultice on Thursday

Afterwards it was found that cold applications agreed best & sp. minderari 4 oz sp. camphor 2 oz water 8oz lotion applied frequently

Small bread & water poultice

Better every day .

Journal of John Linnell for the years 1828-1830

The Fitzwilliam Museum