Egyptology online publications in Cambridge

The availability of some Egyptological publications over the World Wide Web is now well-established. The Web offers a distributed document storage and retrieval system. The purpose of this page is to list those which are available on the server in Cambridge. Egyptologists who do not have a server available for their publications are invited to contact Nigel Strudwick who will do his best to make the material accessible from Cambridge.

There is an excellent index to electronic resources and publications available through ABZU by Charles E. Jones.

Clicking on underlined or highlighted words and phrases will take you to the link for that item.

  1. Jaromir Malek, Electronic publications and Egyptology

    With the rapid spread of online publications, the important issue of how they should be referenced has arisen. Jaromir Malek has written an important article on this subject, with special emphasis on the Topographical Bibliography.


  2. Some papers from the Cambridge Informatique et Egyptologie Conference

    The papers from the conference of the IAE Computer Working Group were published in Informatique et Egyptologie 8 (1993).

  3. Various items by Nigel Strudwick