Course on Middle Egyptian by Steve Vinson

A for-credit, intensive introduction to Middle Egyptian will be offered in the summer of 2001 through the Department of Classics at the University of Notre Dame, taught by Steve Vinson, a Johns Hopkins University Egyptology grad and currently assistant professor of ancient history at the State University of New York at New Paltz. Notre Dame is in South Bend, Indiana, USA, about 90 miles from Chicago. The amount of material is planned to be equal to a full academic year's course -- we'll be meeting five days a week, three hours a day, for eight weeks. However -- I suppose to lower the price -- it's being billed as a three-credit, rather than as a six-credit, course. We'll be going through Jim Allen's new grammar, reading P. Westcar (and hopefully one or two other literary texts as time permits), and we'll come to Chicago to practice reading material in the Egyptian gallery. Aside from Allen's grammar, purchase of Henry G. Fischer's Ancient Egyptian Calligraphy will be required for the course, and Faulkner's Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian will be available for optional purchase at the Notre Dame book store. Here's the official course description:

CLAS 331 01

Intensive Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

3 credits, Vinson

9:10-12:30, MTWHF, 6/11-8/3

This course will offer students an intensive introduction to Middle Egyptian, the classical language of Ancient Egypt, and the hieroglyphic script used to write it. The course presumes no previous knowledge of Middle Egyptian. We will concentrate on understanding how the script works, acquiring a solid understanding of the grammar, and building a core vocabulary that will enable students to understand literary texts and to translate common types of inscriptions which they may encounter on objects in museums or on trips to Egypt itself. After working through a comprehensive grammar of Middle Egyptian, we will read an Egyptian story about Cheops, the builder of the Great Pyramid, and practice reading inscriptions on objects in the Egyptian gallery at the museum of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago

For more information, including information on fees and on summer housing, contact Jim Powell, Director of Summer Sessions at the University of Notre Dame, at 219 631-7283; or Steve Vinson at SUNY-New Paltz, at 845-257-3037 or by email at Fax: 845-257-3581