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The following note was sent recently to Göttinger Miszellen:


At the end of 1992 a widely distributed letter from the editors of the
AEB about reductions which threatened its very existence alerted the
Egyptological world. In response, about 80 letters of support from all
over the world seeking to prevent such a loss were sent to the Board of
Leiden University in the course of 1993. The Board gave them due
consideration and suggested that, to safeguard the continuity of the
AEB, it should be transferred to the Netherlands Institute for the Near
East, an institution closely associated with the University and its
department of Egyptology, and with a long publication record in the field
of the Ancient and Modern Near East. 
    On behalf of the International Association of Egyptologists (IAE), the
AEB Committee (now under the chairmanship of Dr. Malek) and the
Netherlands Institute for the Near East, the editors of the AEB wish to
express their deep gratitude for the interest and the support shown.
Without this, matters would definitely have become worse for the AEB.
Deliberations between the four parties just mentioned have resulted in a
general letter to be distributed among as many persons as possible
involved in Egyptology or interested in the AEB. For those who have not
been contacted personally the text of that letter is reproduced in
Appendix 1.
    The stream of Egyptological publications is growing constantly, and
under the present circumstances, with only a limited staff, the
production of a complete AEB in its original form becomes more and more
unrealistic. Nevertheless, the editors will make every effort to ensure
that the AEB is as complete as possible within the confines of a deadline
system. This has been recently introduced in order to prevent the
growth of a backlog as previously occurred, but has the unavoidable
disadvantage that, once publications of a given year have not come to
the editors▀ notice before the deadline date for the pertinent volume,
the entries can in principle no longer be transferred to the next volume.
This deadline falls at the end of the second year after the publication
year. It is therefore in the interests of all parties that the editors of
the AEB be provided with offprints from studies or periodicals which
could easily have been missed, with lists of publications, and with
recommendations or orders to publishers to have a review copy of a book
put at the disposal of the AEB. This would make the editors' task easier
and avoid the possibility that a book or an article may not be included in
the AEB. Authors or editors of books not sent to us for review by the
publisher will be informed about this (see Appendix 2). 
It should be pointed out here that as a matter of principle the AEB cannot 
afford to buy books for abstracting purposes. Thus, books not sent for 
review either by the publisher or by the author, run the risk of not being 
included in the AEB.
    The parties concerned have decided that the most important objective
is that the AEB should be up-to-date. For that reason priority will be
given to producing AEB 1992, finishing its manuscript by the end of 1994
and publishing it early in 1995. The staff problems in recent years have
adversely affected the collection of material from the years 1988-1991.
At least one third of it has still to be collected and summarized. Owing to
the new priorities and lack of sufficient staff, the editors of the AEB
can at the moment only fulfil their most urgent obligation towards
publishers and authors who have sent us review copies of books
published during the years 1988-1991. This volume is provisionally
entitled AEB 1988-1991. Part A: Books Sent For Review, and will appear
before the end of 1994. Considerably more material from these years,
enough for at the least another volume of full size, is in our computer
files, but the editors have been unable to find regular time to devote to
its final publication. However, we promise that books missing from AEB
1988-1991. Part A: Books Sent For Review, will be included in the planned
volume AEB 1988-1991. Part B, if review copies are sent to us afterwards.
No exact promise as to its date can, however, be given at present.
    In accordance with the emphasis on up-to-date information we
envisage resuming the publication of the Preliminary Egyptological
Bibliography (PEB) in the not too distant future, possibly also in
electronic form.

Leiden, 1st November 1994
W. Hovestreydt and L.M.J. Zonhoven, editors AEB





                                                         31 May 1994

Dear Sir/Madam:

The Annual Egyptological Bibliography is a standard reference work
which has proved its value to Egyptology during the near half-century
of its existence. The support expressed by those of you who have
written to the Board of Leiden University, and for which we are very
grateful, has made this quite clear, and it has produced a tangible

The basic formal precondition for the AEB▀s continued existence, a
transfer from the Department of Egyptology of the Faculty of Arts of
Leiden University to the Netherlands Institute for the Near East, has
now taken place. Unfortunately, there remain financial obstacles to
overcome. The current funding is not sufficient to provide for staff
consisting of two Editors (one full-time, one part-time), and additional
resources of some Hfl. 15,000 ($ 7,500) must be found annually to resolve
this problem. The continued existence and the possibility of further
improvement of the Annual Egyptological Bibliography are still at stake,
but we are confident that with the help of all Egyptologists and
Egyptological institutions this difficulty will be resolved.

The Annual Egyptological Bibliography has been going through a rather
difficult period in the past few years. A new radical start is, however,
being made. The first part of a volume covering the years 1988-91 will be
published in the course of 1994. The next 'standard' volume, containing
Egyptological titles for 1992, will also appear before the end of 1994 or
very early in 1995. From then on, the AEB will appear regularly every
year. (The second part of the volume for the years 1988-91 is planned,
but its publication date has not yet been fixed.)

In order to improve the financial situation, the price of the individual
volumes will, unfortunately, have to be increased to about Hfl. 120 (about
$ 60). Every effort will be made to keep the price at this level for
several years. Individual members of the International Association of
Egyptologists who order the AEB direct from the Editors will continue to
receive a 40% discount. We should like to stress the importance of
increasing the number of individual subscriptions because this is the
most effective way Egyptologists can help the project.

At present, a number of institutions generously support the Annual
Egyptological Bibliography by annual donations. These are:

Aegyptologisk Institut, Copenhagen
Brown University, Providence
Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Cairo
Egypt Exploration Society, London
Ex Oriente Lux, Leiden
Fondation Schiff Giorgini, Geneva
Griffith Institute, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Oosters Genootschap in Nederland, Leiden
Oriental Institute, Chicago
Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto
Schweizerisches Institut, Cairo
Société française d'Egyptologie, Paris
University of Liverpool
University Museum, The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Vitterhets Akademie, Stockholm
Yale University, New Haven

The help of these enlightened institutions has been essential in the past
and will be even more important in future. We hope that they will
continue, and if possible increase, their support. We should like to ask
other institutions to join them. The loss of the Annual Egyptological
Bibliography would be a tremendous loss for Egyptology. It is up to all
of us, Egyptologists and Egyptological institutions, to ensure that this
important reference tool continues to be compiled and published.

Dr. Jaromir Malek (Chairman of the AEB Committee)

Drs. Louis M. J. Zonhoven, Drs. Willem Hovestreydt (AEB Editors)

Prof. Dr. Dietrich Wildung (President of the IAE)

Prof. Dr. J. de Roos (Director of the Netherlands Instituut voor het
Nabije Oosten)



The International Association of Egyptologists and the Netherlands
Institute for the Near East, Leiden, as joint publishers of the Annual
Egyptological Bibliography, wish to inform new individual subscribers
that members of the International Association of Egyptologists are
entitled to a 40% reduction on the full retail price of the volumes of the
Annual Egyptological Bibliography. The full retail price is Hfl. 120 per
volume, the reduced price for individual IAE members is Hfl. 72 (plus
postage and packing). Every effort will be made to keep the price of the
AEB unchanged at the present moderate level for at least the next four


                          SUBSCRIPTION FORM

I wish to subscribe to the Annual Egyptological Bibliography at the
reduced price. I am a member of the International Association of
Egyptologists and so I am entitled to a 40% reduction on the full retail



Country:                      Signed:

(Please send this form to The Annual Egyptological Bibliography,
Netherlands Institute for the Near East, P.O. Box 9515, 2300 RA Leiden,
The Netherlands.)



Dear Author/Editor,

We shall be very grateful if you or your publisher can provide us with a
review copy of:

which we should like to include in the appropriate volume of the AEB.
The AEB cannot afford to buy copies of books in order to compile their
descriptions and abstracts, and your book is not currently available in
any library in Leiden immediately accessible to us. Because of the demand
to produce the AEB quickly we need to have a copy before the deadline at
the end of the second year after the publication year, in order to be
able to include the book. Please note that in principle the entry of a
publication not available at the deadline date cannot be transferred to
the next volume.
The AEB is an official publication of the International Association of

Thank you for your cooperation.

L.M.J. Zonhoven, Editor Annual Egyptological Bibliography
Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten -- P.B. 9515
2300 RA Leiden -- The Netherlands