IAE Computer Group Meeting 2006

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It is our pleasure to announce that a date has been set for the next meeting of the IAE Computer Group (Informatique et Egyptologie, I&E), which last met properly in Pisa in 2002.

Thanks to the kindness of Diane and Dag Bergman, the meeting will take place in Oxford, UK, on 7-10 August 2006, with the sessions on 8-9 August.

We are indebted to Professor John Baines for his invaluable advice and assistance in making this Oxford meeting possible.

The full announcement and first call for papers will be found on this site as a PDF file.

We look forward to welcoming you to Oxford.

IE 2006
Nigel Strudwick

Diane Bergman

Dag Bergman


Abstracts received so far and the final programme will be found by following the links at right.

The programme also contains information about arrival times and registration.

as of 31/7/06

as of 5/8/06

Accommodation arrangements

Information is now available about accommodation for the meeting in Worcester College. All arrangements should be made directly with Diane Bergman and NOT with Worcester College. Please see the linked PDF file.

Diane will inform you about the cost of your accommodation; see below for payment instructions.


Conference Fee

The fee for the full meeting is £60. This fee includes lunch, tea and coffee. See below for payment instructions.

Post-Conference Tour

A tour is being arranged for Thursday 10 August to Kingston Lacey, returning via Stonehenge and Salisbury. Details are in the PDF file at right. Participants should contact Diane or Dag as above for the costs, which will be added to your bill. See below for payment instructions.

10 August

Payment arrangements

A down payment, or the whole amount should be paid no later than 24 July (see your individual instruction email from Diane Bergman).  This can either be done with a major credit card via PayPal (without the need to have a PayPal account), or your own PayPal Account (if you have one, or create one at the time of the payment).  Please click on the "Buy Now" button at the right to be taken to the PayPal site where this payment can be made securely.  You will notice that it will say:

Pay To:  dag.ns01@ddbergman.f2s.com 
Payment For:  I&E Conference, Oxford, 8-9 August 2006

after you click on the "Buy Now" button.

Dag Bergman is the treasurer of this meeting.

If you wish to pay with a credit card, click the button after the text: "If you do not currently have a PayPal account".  PayPal will also offer you to pay with your own PayPal account, alternatively after opening a new account.

If you choose to pay the down payment only via PayPal, the balance needs to be paid via bank cheque in United Kingdom Pounds Sterling or cash upon your arrival at Worcester College on the 7th.

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