The Cyberscribe

'Cyberscribe' is a nom de plume used by Dr Clair Ossian, past President of American Research Center in Egypt, North Texas chapter (ARCE NT) when he writes in the group's Newsletter. Clair, whom I have known for a few years, is highly knowledgeable about Ancient Egypt, and likes to spend some time, when he has it, trawling the net for interesting news about Egypt.

When I realised that I was just not getting enough time to keep up the reputation of 'News and Gossip', Clair was the man I turned to for help, and he has kindly agreed to make available some material here.

I am incredibly grateful to Clair for his co-operation. ARCE NT is an excellent chapter of the American Research Center in Egypt--the members are keen, knowledgeable, very interested and always a delight to speak to. I strongly urge anyone in the area interested in Egypt to join up, and also encourage colleagues to offer to speak in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where they will be guaranteed a warm welcome. Do check out their web site.

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