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In an attempt to help readers keep up with news relating to Egypt and Egyptology, this abstracting service will focus interested persons on the very latest information to be found in general news sources around the world. New additions will be posted approximately every four weeks.

First, a few guidelines (the word ‘guidelines’ sounds nicer than ‘rules’). These sources and news items will NOT appear here in their entirety due to the constraints of copyright law, but will have their url addresses and enough of the text to allow the reader to gauge the sense of the news item. If there is a special item of interest that can no longer be reached at its URL address (because the link has expired or is broken), please contact the moderator and a copy may be made available under the following conditions:

  1. The item’s url address is no longer functional and the CyberScribe still has a copy in his possession;
  2. the requestor will use the item for his or her own personal needs and will not repost or share the item; and
  3. the requestor assumes all responsibility required by copyright laws.

Further, please understand that neither the CyberScribe or this hosting website can assure readers that items reported are correct or accurate. They are simply presented as found.

Enough with legalities. Let’s see what happened recently. Each extract will be followed by the URL address current at the time of appearance.

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