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Requests for information 2004

29 November 2004: Anthropoid canopic jars

I am a fifth-year student of the Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences, Department of Egyptology in Hungary, Budapest. The subject of my thesis is the anthropoid canopic jars, especially those who has carved arms and legs. To find a selected bibliography is almost impossible for me to this subject, so I kindly ask if anyone can recommend some books in relation to this subject.

Kinga Rippl

22 September 2004: Amarna

I'm writing a book on Ancient Egypt (for my own amusement), and I am currently writing about Nefertiti and Akhenaten's sacred city of El Amarna. Can you recommend any resources in relation to this subject, as my resources are limited on this particular topic. Thank you in advance.

Faye Mendes

12 April 2004: MIddle Kingdom Coffins

I am writing my dissertation on coffins, particularly of the Middle Kingdom, and would be very pleased if anyone can point me in the direction of any resources, on or off line, which may be of relevance. Thank you.

Claire Gilmour

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