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Requests for information 2001


11/11/2001: Book on the Aswan dam

Can anyone recommend a good book on the impacts of the Aswan High Dam on ancient monuments in Egypt and Sudan? I'm interested not only in what was lost or saved (and how), but also in how our understanding - or ability to understand - ancient Egypt's relations with Nubia has been affected.

Thanks in advance,

Matthew Markopoulos

19/09/2001: Pyramids, AUC and Egypt in general

I have 3 questions:

1) Does anyone know the status of the door which was found at the end of
one of the shafts of the Queen's chamber?

2) Is the American University in Cairo a good university for studing
Egyptology? Also, any other thoughts on the American University in
Cairo would be greatly apreciated.

3) How safe is Cairo and Egypt in general for an American? Do you have
any safety recommendations for Americans who will be going to Egypt on
their own for about a year without a tour group.

I would appreciate any answers to my questions. Thank you.

Genevieve Hathaway

29/08/2001: Corvée and inundation

I am trying to find reliable evidence for what the populace of ancient Egypt did during the the inundation. Did the famous corvée exist? and what happened when the pyramid age came to an end?

Help please.

Grace Moore

Scene identification needed

I would be grateful for information on this picture.
Thank you in advance.

Dáraba Lugo

17/07/2001: Proofreader for textbook needed

Publisher in Midwest (USA) needs a reader for a 400 to 500 page book on Ancient Egypt by a well known Egyptologist. Book is aimed at high school and introductory college level students. We will pay $500 to the right person . Work must be done in a week or two at most. We ae interested in a general impression by a competent person who is willing to follow a few simple guidelines. No research necessary.

Thomas Carson

21/05/2001: Bronzes and Ptah priesthood

I am writing a work of fiction set in ancient Egypt and I need to know the approximate date that Egyptian sculptors began casting life-size statues in bronze and what their primary technique would have been (lost-wax or

Also, where can I find detailed information on the priesthood of Ptah and their temple in Memphis?

Any feedback will be gratefully received.

Jess Goodwin
Seattle, Washington, USA

30/04/2001: Egyptian maths--co-author needed

I have a dream to write a book about Egypt maths, but not just by using well-known problems from papyri. The idea is to make a book as if it would have been a textbook in an ancient temple school in Egypt. Also I can make illustrations by using 3D-models and real photos. So, I am looking for an Egyptologist as a co-author, to create this book together, and publish it abroad.

So, if you can co-operate with me in any way, your would be welcome!

Sergey Dontsov, Ph.D of Tech of BMSTU, Moscow, Russia.

17/04/2001: Blue lotus

I'm writing a screenplay in which a character refers to the Blue Lotus. I haven't been able to find detailed information on this flora of ancient Egypt. I would appreciate any help on this.

Kemi Lapite

28/03/2001: Author needed

Monograph Authors Sought. The publisher ABC-CLIO, Santa Barbara, CA, is launching a new series on archaeological cultures intended for a high school, public, and college library audience. Volumes will serve as reference handbooks to complement more focused works, and will provide a broad range of information about specific civilizations, including the state of knowledge according to standardized categories, controversies, and directions for future research. An author/s is needed for a volume on Ancient Egypt.

Contact John M. Weeks,
University of Pennsylvania Museum Library,
33 and Spruce Strs.,
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6324; (+1) 215-898-4021;

11/03/2001: The early alphabet

I would be grateful for information on any fairly new publications (books, articles, reports etc) on the early alphabet and especially its origins.


Staffan Norrman

02/02/2001: Pyramid Texts

Does anyone know of any theories as to why the Pyramid texts suddenly appeared at the end of the 5th dynasty? I am looking for specific references.

Please contact Claire Malleson

02/02/2001: Leaping Arabs

This isn't really our normal stuff here, but things are quiet at present!

Henry David Thoreau wrote "that the greatest genuine leap, due to human muscles alone, on record, is that of certain wandering Arabs, who are said to have cleared twenty-five feet on level ground." Does anyone know from
what source (pre-1854) Thoreau may have got this notion?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Jeffrey S. Cramer
Curator of Collections, The Thoreau Institute
44 Baker Farm, Lincoln, MA 01773-3004
Telephone/Fax: (781) 259-4730

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