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Updated December 27th, 2010

Welcome to Egyptology Resources' WWW bulletin board. Items for placement here should be emailed to Nigel Strudwick. Please explicitly state that your message is for inclusion on the BB, and include your full name, otherwise it will not appear. It has to be done this way to ensure that I am aware of the content of information provided, and so I can be sure that people are really asking for information to be put there.

There seem to be so few digs in Egypt these days who look for volunteers that I have stopped including requests for this. However, please look at the FAQ page on this site for some links, and also some notes as to why Egyptian digs tend to be hard to get on.

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19 Jan 2009: Book anecdote etc request

I am currently working on an illustrated revision/beginner's guide for ancient Egypt, which will include humorous poems, Q&As, problems to be solved and amusing (or perhaps mysterious) anecdotes, and will likely be produced in the style of an old-fashioned almanac.

I and my illustrator partner envisage a book that is both a useful, intriguing, fun-packed aid to study for students aged from nine to 13, and a rattling good read for any young ancient Egypt enthusiast.

I am asking both amateur and professional Egyptologists to assist us by emailing me amusing anecdotes, fascinating facts, conundrums, unexplained findings, and the like, whether they be from personal experience or through the Egyptology grapevine, so to speak.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated - and acknowledged in the book. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information about the project. I look forward to hearing from you

Best wishes
Mike Hayes
mikehayes2 [at]


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