The British Museum Twenty-fifth Classical Colloquium

Cleopatra Reassessed

13th-15th June 2001

BP Lecture Theatre, Clore Education Centre

Wednesday 13th June

5.30-6.30 pm Registration
6.30-7.30 pm Evening lecture
Dr Mary Hamer, ‘Disowning Cleopatra’

7.30-9 pm Reception and private viewing of the exhibition
Cleopatra of Egypt: from History to Myth

Thursday 14th June

Session 1: Responses to Cleopatra
9.00-9.30 Registration and coffee
9.30-9.40 Welcome, Dr Dyfri Williams

9.40-10.10 Dr Robert Steven Bianchi, ‘Cleopatra in the 20th Century’
10.10-10.30 Discussion: Chaired by Dr Eleni Vassilika
10.30-11.00 Professor Ella Shohat, ‘The travelling gaze: Orientalism meets Cleopatra’
11.00-11.10 Discussion: Dr Maria Wyke

11.10 – 11.30 Coffee

4.50-5.0 Dr Susan Walker, ‘From Empire to Empire’
4.50-5.0 Discussion: Chaired by Professor Geoffrey B. Waywell
4.50-5.0 Dr Jonathan Williams and Mr Andrew Meadows, ‘The coinage of Antony’s empire’
4.50-5.0 Discussion: Chaired by Dr Andrew Burnett

4.50-5.0 Lunch (please make your own arrangements)

Session 2: Cleopatra in Egypt
2.00-2.30 Dr Sally-Ann Ashton, ‘Goddess, ruler or regent?
2.30-2.40 Discussion: Chaired by Professor Helmut Kyrieleis
2.40-3.10 Dr Marc Etienne, ‘Queen, harlot, lecherous goddess? An egyptological approach to a Roman image of propaganda’
3.10-3.20 Discussion: Chaired by Professor Herwig Maehler

3.20-3.40 Tea

3.40-4.10 Mr John Ray, ‘Cleopatra in the temples of Upper Egypt’
4.10-4.20 Chaired by Professor Robert Ritner
4.20-4.50 Professor John Tait, ‘Cleopatra by name’
4.50-5.00 Discussion: tba

Evening lecture 6.30

BP Lecture Theatre, The British Museum Clore Centre

Mr Franck Goddio, ‘The underwater exploration of Alexandria and Canopus’

Followed by a reception

Friday 15th June

Session 3: Cleopatra and the Hellenistic Greek tradition
9.15-9.45 Professor Flemming F.Johansen, ‘Portraits of Cleopatra VII - do they exist?’
9.45-9.55 Discussion: Chaired by Professor R.R.R.Smith
9.55-10.25 Dr Peter Higgs, ‘Resembling Cleopatra’
10.25-10.35 Discussion: Chaired by Professor François Queyrel

10.35-10.55 Coffee

10.55-11.25 Dr Dorothy Thompson, ‘The flute player’s daughter in Greek Texts’
11.25-11.55 Dr Peter Van Minnen, ‘The State Papers of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt’
11.55-12.15 Discussion: Chaired by Dr.Cornelia Römer

12.15-12.45 Professor Günter Grimm, ‘Cleopatra’s Alexandria’
12.45-12.55 Discussion: Chaired by Dr Claudio Parisi Presicce

12.55-2.00 Lunch (please make your own arrangements)

Session 4: Cleopatra abroad
2.00-2.30 TBA
2.40-3.10 Mr. Mahfoud Ferroukhi, ‘Cleopatra in Cherchel’
3.10-3.20 Discussion: Chairperson tba

3.20-3.40 Tea

3.40 - 4.10 M.Guy Weill Goudchaux, ‘Cleopatra and the Route to India’
4.10-4.20 Discussion: Chaired by Professor Sir John Boardman
4.20-4.50 Dott. Carla Alfano, ‘Egyptianising cults in Rome’
4.50-5.00 Discussion: Chaired by Dr Helen Whitehouse

5.00 Close of the conference