How to contribute to the Sarah J. Clackson Coptic Fund from overseas:

The most effective way of contributing for Americans is to make payment
through the American Friends of Oxford by using our 'Gift Form for US
Residents', which can be found at: . After 'allocated to the
University', donors need to write in: 'for the Sarah J. Clackson Coptic
Fund'. Please send this form to Oxford's North American Office in New York
City (the address is given on the form).

People donating in euros should just send cheques, or make transfers to the
university's bank account. Do not worry about bank charges, because the
university will just absorb them into its overall bank payments; there is a
small loss on the currency conversion, but we cannot do anything about that
(and at least the euro is strong!). With bank transfers there is a line for
'purpose' or something similar, and on that line people should put 'Sarah J.
Clackson Coptic Fund', or, if that is too many characters for the available
space, simply 'Clackson Coptic Fund' will still be unambiguous.

Account Name: University of Oxford Development Trust
Account Number: 4015586
Sort Code: 20-65-20
Account Address: Barclays Bank, Oxford City Centre Branch, PO Box 333,
Cornmarket Street, Oxford, OX1 3HS