Recent Acquisitions

Please note that recent acquisitions are not necessarily on display in the museum.

Image["Nicolas Poussin (1594 -1665)"]

Nicolas Poussin (1594 -1665)

Extreme Unction, c.1638-40

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Image["Sir Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640)"]

Sir Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640)

The Triumph of Venus, c. 1628

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Image["Marcantonio Bassetti (1586-1630)"]

Marcantonio Bassetti (1586-1630)

The dead Christ supported by the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene, c. 1616

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Image["Recent Acquisitions of Drawings & Prints"]

Recent Acquisitions of Drawings & Prints

An online exhibition, first produced to accompany the special display of a range of drawings and prints acquired by the Fitzwilliam Museum over the ten years 1999-2009.

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Sir William Nicholson 1872 - 1949

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Image["Joseph Wright (1734-1797)
A lighthouse on fire at night"]

Joseph Wright (1734-1797)
A lighthouse on fire at night

This dramatic composition is a late and highly developed treatment of a theme that fascinated Wright from his time in Rome: a dramatically lit landscape with two light sources, one natural and the other man-made.

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