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© Christopher Le Brun and The Paragon Press. All Rights Reserved 2012

Christopher Le Brun born 1951
Etching, monotype and printed collage, 2005
Given by The Friends of the Fitzwilliam Museum 2006

This monotype was acquired with the Fitzwilliam's set of Le Brun's Fifty etchings, proofed and editioned by Simon Marsh at Pauper's Press, London, and published by The Paragon Press in 2005. The one-off monotype included with each set was made by painting in oils on one of the fifty etched plates, and printing it as a coloured variant of the monochrome image in the set. This one has additional forms added by painting (in pink) on cut-paper shapes that were laid on top of the plate during printing. These shapes have also indented the surface of the print.

The etchings were made between October 2004 and September 2005, with this monotype being made on 28 November 2005. As in Le Brun's earlier Fifty etchings (1990) the imagery revisits themes recurrent in the artist's earlier work, such as the tower seen here, while also introducing new motifs, which have subsequently been developed in paintings and sculpture. The sequence of the portfolio is carefully constructed by the artist, shaping associations and memories of literature and music as well as art. Like the rider and pilgrim in many of the prints, travelling through the dark wood in quest of the tower, the viewer is drawn into a metaphysical journey in search of meaning and beauty.

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