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© Estate of Adja Yunkers

Adja Yunkers 1900-1983
Salt V
Lithograph, 1960
Given by G. W. Einstein Company, Inc. 1994

Part of a set of five lithographs initially intended to be published as an artist's book with a poem by Stanley Kunitz entitled 'Salt'. The book was never published. Yunkers made a number of lithographs during six months at the newly opened Tamarind Lithography Workshop, Los Angeles, in 1960. Tamarind played an important role in opening up the gestural possibilities of lithography to Yunkers and other artists involved with the New York school of Abstract Expressionism (Latvian by birth, Yunkers had moved to America from Europe in 1947 and became a United States citizen). The artist utilised a variety of media to work on the stone, including (appropriately for the subject) a salt wash, which gave a delicate granular texture. The printer working on this print was Joe Funk, the first printer-fellow at Tamarind (which later became the Tamarind Institute and moved to the University of New Mexico).

All reasonable effort has been made to trace the copyright holder. Any queries should be directed to the Fitzwilliam Museum's Image Library.


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