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© The Artist© The Munch Museum/ The Munch - Ellingsen Group, BONO, Oslo/DACS, London 2012.

Edvard Munch 1862-1944
Lithograph, 1898
Given by the Friends of the Fitzwilliam Museum 1995

In 1898 Munch returned to Norway from Paris and installed a small press for printing lithographs and woodcuts in his new house in Åsgårdstrand. This is one of the resulting lithographs in which he prepared the lithographic stone and did the printing himself. Between printings he worked and reworked the stone with crayon, lithographic ink (tusche) and scraper, printing off only a single or a few proofs each time, so that only about twenty very varied impressions of this print exist. A very similar lithograph made shortly afterwards was entitled 'Farewell after the party'.


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