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Albrecht Altdorfer in Renaissance Regensburg: Prints of Allegory and Devotion

Albrecht Altdorfer (c.1482/5-1538) spent most of his life in Regensberg, where he was employed as an architect and played a part in the political life of the city. He is principally known as a painter and printmaker, and his patrons included Emperor Maximilian. He made finely wrought prints, mostly on a very small scale, in a variety of techniques. The second of a two-part survey of Altdorfer’s prints, this exhibition shows the freshness of Altdorfer’s approach to subject matter, and his very original use of the medium of woodcut to capture the spontaneity of an artist’s drawing. It also reveals an important new discovery made during conservation, which gives us new information about how woodcuts were printed.

Tue 11 July 2006 to Sun 5 November 2006
Charrington Print Room (Gallery 16)