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Heroes of Kabuki: The Jesus College Gift of Japanese Prints

In 2003 The Fitzwilliam Museum received as a gift from Jesus College a collection of Japanese prints collected by a former Master of the College. They are displayed here for the first time after conservation made possible by a grant from the Sumitomo Foundation. Many were originally collected by a fan of Kabuki theatre in Edo (now called Tokyo) in the middle of the nineteenth century and kept in an album, preserving their colours in excellent condition. Fascinating examples by the leading figure print designers of the day, Kunisada and Kuniyoshi, give us different views of actors in the same performance. Other highlights include a spectacular set by Toyoharu Kunichika showing leading actors as firemen, and a small group of the exquisitely produced privately commissioned prints known as surimono.

Tue 23 May 2006 to Sun 24 September 2006
Shiba Room (Gallery 14)
Admission Free