Higher Ground: Prints by Gerhart Frankl (1901-65)

Born in Vienna, Gerhart Frankl became part of a group of artists who reacted against the Expressionism of Kokoschka, Schiele and Klimt in the 1920s. Frankl loved to travel, and many of his prints depict views that he sketched while touring the Alps on his BMW motorbike in 1928. They show his concern to portray structure, space and light with an inventive combination of printmaking techniques.

Frankl escaped the persecution of Jews by the Nazi regime by emigrating to England in 1938. The exhibition includes Viennese prints by other emigres who settled in England, such as Oskar Kokoschaka and Georg Ehrlich.

Tue 16 October 2012 to Sun 3 February 2013
Charrington Print Room (16)

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