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Image["The Shahnameh: a Persian Cultural Emblem and a Timeless Masterpiece"]

The Shahnameh: a Persian Cultural Emblem and a Timeless Masterpiece

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Sir Sydney Cockerell and the Fitzwilliam Museum" class="db_imageleft" />

'I turned it into a palace'
Sir Sydney Cockerell and the Fitzwilliam Museum

This representative selection of exhibits introduces the main themes of the exhibition 'I Turned it into a Palace: Sir Sydney Cockerell and the Fitzwilliam Museum' (The Fitzwilliam Museum, 4 November 2008 - 17 March 2009).

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Image["The Cambridge Illuminations"]

The Cambridge Illuminations

This is a representative selection of images from some of the most sumptuous manuscripts displayed in the Cambridge Illuminations exhibition. It presents an opportunity to browse through the thematic sections of the exhibition, to view the work of outstanding medieval and Renaissance artists, and to admire the commissions of the most discriminating patrons of learning and art.

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Image["The Macclesfield Psalter"]

The Macclesfield Psalter

The Macclesfield Psalter is a work of art of exceptional beauty. Its 250 leaves are painted with exquisite finesse, page after page of precious pigments and gold. It is an outstanding example of medieval art from East Anglia, which boasted the most characteristically English school of painting and illumination during the fourteenth century.

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Image["Illuminating the Law"]

Illuminating the Law

Illuminating the Law: Medieval Manuscripts

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Image["John Linnell Archive"]

John Linnell Archive

Archive of Correspondence

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Image["J.W. Clarke and The Care of Books"]

J.W. Clarke and The Care of Books

Photographs of medieval English and continental libraries by John Willis Clark for his 1901 publication "The Care of Books"

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