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The penitent Magdalene

Dolci, Carlo (painter)

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The penitent Magdalene


Dolci, Carlo (painter) [ULAN info: Italian artist, 1616-1686]







Technique Description

oil on canvas


height: 64.4 cm
width: 52.7 cm


circa 1650 to 1651


bought: P. and D. Colnaghi and Co. Ltd 1966 (Filtered for: Paintings, Drawings and Prints)

Bought from the funds of Mis I. M. E. Hitchcock's bequest fund, 1966


  1. Position: verso, on canvas
    Content: IVBILEMUS DEO SALVTARI / NOSTRO / Qui Seminant in Lacrimis; / in exultatione metent / In conuere ... Psalmus 126;
  2. seal
    Position: verso, on top member of stretcher
    Method: impressions in wax
    Content: a winged dragon rampant below a bearded, haloed head with wings
    Description: two similar impressions

  3. Position: verso, on top member of stretcher, between the above seal
    Content: De Sig Mar.....
    Description: the rest of the inscription is concealed by the second seal, but evidence of previous ownership leads to the assumption that it should read 'Martelli'

  4. Position: verso, on left member of stretcher
    Method: red chalk(?)
    Content: il vero / penitent(e)[?o] / ogni / occhasio / ne / di pecchar / Figge / e / corre / all ora / Zione

  5. Position: verso, on right member of stretcher
    Method: red chalk(?)
    Content: 1650 / principiata / Ilgiorno di / Sua Festa / del 1651 ulti(ma) / giornata / in dipinger / il volto


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  2. McCorquodale, Charles (1976) Some paintings and drawings by Carlo Dolci in British Collections, Munich [page: 317, 320]
    Source title: Kunst des Barock in der Toskana Studien zur Kunst unter den letzten Medici (
    [comments: fig. 4]
  3. Baldassari, Francesca (1995) Carlo Dolci, : Artema [page: 27, 111]
    [comments: fig. 81 (black and white)]

Accession Number

PD.4-1966 (Paintings, Drawings and Prints)
(Reference Number: 921; Input Date: 2000-01-07 / Last Edit: 2011-07-22)

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