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Les Peupliers (Poplars)

Monet, Claude (painter)

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Les Peupliers

Translated title



Monet, Claude (painter) [ULAN info: French artist, 1840-1926]







Technique Description

oil on canvas


height: 89 cm
width: 92 cm




bequeathed: Sykes, Stanley William 1966 (Filtered for: Paintings, Drawings and Prints)

The artist's studio, with Gimpel Fils, 1950 from whom bought by Captain Sykes

Captain S.W. Sykes, O.B.E., M.C.


  1. signature
    Position: lower right
    Content: Claude Monet
  2. label
    Position: stretcher
    Method: printed label
    Content: Ch. Pottier/ Emballeur/ 14 Rue Gaillon/ Paris (with MS number, and date) 5814, 30-10-35
  3. label
    Position: verso
    Content: James Bourlet label: No. 43305
  4. stamp
    Position: stretcher
    Method: Douane stamp
    Content: Exportation, Paris on both stretcher and canvas
  5. label
    Position: stretcher
    Method: MS label, graphite
    Content: #128, 158, in red chalk crossed out
  6. label
    Position: stretcher
    Method: printed label
    Content: Marlborough Fine Art Ltd.,/ Nineteenth and twentieth century French/ Paintings from English private collections. June to July/ 1965 Cat. No. 25
  7. number
    Position: stretcher
    Method: graphite
    Content: 499 and #255
  8. label
    Position: frame
    Method: typed label
    Content: La littérature est assez sommaire: / Les peupliers / Ce tableau vient directment de l' atelier de Claude Monet, c'est lae plus beau tableau de Peupliers qui se trouve chez lui. On raconte que ces peupliers avaient été achetés par un marchand de bois et que Claude Monet lui avait donné de l' argent pour qu' il diffère l' abattage pour qu' il ait le temps de les peindre. Cela se passait vers 1895
  9. label
    Position: attached to frame with wire
    Content: "Monet", "Les peupliers", "London", the rest illegible


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  2. Wildenstein, Daniel (1979) Claude Monet, biographie et catalogue reisonné, Lausanne [page: 299-300]
  3. Stuckey, Charles F. (1985) Monet; a Retrospective, New York
    [comments: no. 1313]
  4. House, John et. al. (1986) Monet, Nature into Art, New Haven & London: Yale University Press [page: 311]

Accession Number

PD.9-1966 (Paintings, Drawings and Prints)
(Reference Number: 2811; Input Date: 2000-03-08 / Last Edit: 2011-07-22)

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