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Key Stage 3 and 4

Museum teacher led sessions are free and last from 60 – 90 minutes, with a recommended follow up time in the gallery of about an hour.

Listed below are examples of sessions we teach by subject. We can devise cross-curricular sessions, eg. combining Art with History, English or Religious Education, and are happy to work with you to devise your own tailor-made session..

Art and Design

With a collection ranging from Ancient Civilisations through to 20th century art, we are in a very strong position to offer a broad range of sessions to support teaching of Art and Design. We can do this by:

  • Period or movement – eg. Renaissance or French Impressionists
  • Genre – eg. Still Life or Landscape
  • Elements of visual language – eg. symbolism or colour
  • Focus on your current topic – eg. Art GCSE Themes

Business Studies

We can teach a session on the GCSE module People in Business with a focus on the Museum sector.


Visual works can form a springboard for creative thinking and writing, and our aim in our creative writing sessions is for every student to end the session with some ideas on paper and a desire to write more. Styles of writing can vary from narrative, descriptive or poetic and we have taught sessions from year 7 to GCSE groups.


Our collections include galleries specific to areas of the world which can be used to illustrate Geography teaching, eg. Far East, Egypt and Greece.


We have an established GCSE History of Medicine session which uses our collection in a chronological way – from Ancient Egypt to Renaissance to Enlightenment and the founding of hospitals.

We also offer sessions on specific periods such as Medieval, Tudors, Victorians for KS3, and are developing a session aimed at building up skills to use objects and paintings as evidence.

Leisure and Tourism

We have taught sessions on both the Marketing and the Customer Service modules for the Double Vocational GCSE with a focus on the Museum sector

Modern Foreign Languages

We can offer sessions which put a modern language (French, Spanish, Italian and German) in the historical and artistic context of the country.


Some of our teaching lends itself to PSHE. We can explore themes like Image and Identity examining images of people ranging of millennia and made to promote individuals, power bases and beliefs.

We also have a transition project called Moving On, which aims to help the move from Primary to Secondary school. The Year 7 session last year used the theme of The Bigger Picture.

Religious Education

Christianity is well represented in the collection, and can be taught by looking at Iluminated Manuscripts, Religious Objects, Altarpieces and Paintings. Less well known is our collection of objects from the Near East - ceramics, carpets and mosque lamp - from which we can teach aspects of the Islamic faith.

VIth Form


See above in KS3/4 – we are happy to tailor make sessions to your needs.

Classics and Classical Civilisation

We can explore themes such as myth, slavery, religion and war through our Greek and Roman collections. We can look at the interpretation of episodes of a myth in detail, eg The Story of Troy can be shown on objects ranging from Ancient Greek vases and mirrors, through to majolica plates and paintings from the Renaissance. Students can enjoy outstanding examples of Greek vases, sculpture and architecture in our newly redisplayed Greek Gallery.


We offer sessions designed to place the work of specific authors, such as Chaucer and Blake, into a wider cultural and visual context – small groups of up to 12 students can be taken by appointment on Tuesdays into the Graham Robertson Study Room for access to prints, drawings and rare books. We have also looked at decoding paintings as a preparation for the Unseen paper.

Religious Studies/Divinity

See above in KS3/4 – we are happy to tailor make sessions to your needs.