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Key Stage 2

Museum teacher led sessions are free and last for 60 minutes, with a recommended follow up time in the gallery of about 30-60 minutes. Below are some of the most popular themes but we can also devise tailor made sessions to meet the needs of individual groups and schools. Contact us for more information.

The Ancient Egyptians

This session encourages children to look closely at the objects in the galleries to discover more about Ancient Egyptian beliefs, technology and everyday life.

The Ancient Greeks

Exploring what life was like in Ancient Greece by looking closely at a variety of objects and making deductions about how they were made and used.

The Tudors

Life in Tudor England is explored through portraits and armour. Replica costume is also used in this session.

Reading Paintings

Why, how and what do artists paint? Looking closely at just a few paintings, we explore how artists use line, shape, colour, texture and composition to express their ideas.

Creating Stories

How do artists tell stories and what makes a good story? Character, setting and plot are explored through paintings and objects.

Words and Pictures

A literacy based session which uses paintings to stimulate vocabulary and create stories, dialogue and/or poetry. (90 minute session).


What do portraits tell us about people, who they are and what is their character? How do artists show differences between people and what they are feeling?

Journeys, interior and exterior

Physical as well as spiritual journeys are explored through paintings and objects.

Believe in Art

How do artists and makers make invisible ideas about God visible? What do the codes and symbols mean? This session can explore Christian, Muslim or ancient beliefs.

The Easter Story

Follow the dramatic events of Holy Week through the paintings galleries from Palm Sunday to the Resurrection.