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Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1

Museum teacher led sessions are free and last for 60 minutes, with a recommended follow up time in the gallery of about 30 minutes. Below are some of the most popular themes but we can also devise tailor made sessions to meet the needs of individual groups and schools. Contact us for more information.

Paint me a Story

We offer a choice of different stories which introduce children to the museum and parts of the collection.

  • The Story of Jan
    A pirate tale using Dutch paintings in Gallery 15
  • The Story of Camille
    The adventures of a young girl visits Paris for the first time told in French Impressionist paintings gallery.
  • Turrets and Tiaras
    A journey into the world of chivalrous knights and beautiful princesses in the Armoury and ceramics galleries.
    Session unavailable until March 2013 due to temporary gallery closure
  • Sleeping Beauty
    The traditional fairy story is retold using objects and paintings throughout the museum.
  • The Christmas Story
    Follow the nativity story through the paintings galleries from the Annunciation to the arrival of the three kings.
  • The Story of Jang Shu
    A rags-to-riches tale of a chinese potter and his son, Ling, who travel from their small village to the Emperor's palace told using objects in the Far Eastern gallery

Words and Pictures

A literacy based session which uses paintings to stimulate vocabulary and create group poems. (90 minute session)


How are we different from one another and how do artists show this? An introduction to looking at portraits.


Starting with armour, explore the use and properties of different materials including metals and clay throughout the museum.


From holidays at the seaside, to bugs and beetles finding food and soldiers marching into battle – we think about many different types of journey as we move around the museum.

What is sculpture?

Shape, form, texture and materials are discussed as we discover sculpture in the museum from ancient to modern.