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"I really liked the practical work using clay, making models and painting it"

- KS2 pupil

"Very useful and there was loads of equipment to experiment with, thank you!"

- KS4 pupil

Studio Workshops £50

(maximum of 30 students)

Practical workshops in our Education Studio develop and extend themes explored in the galleries. Techniques and themes explored have included working with clay, printmaking, painting, drawing, batik, calligraphy, colour and pigment.

"It was really inspiring, especially displaying the papyrus paintings that the children worked on in the Museum."

- KS2 teacher

"They wanted to stay in the studio longer (the studio staff were great)"

- KS3 teacher

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Teachers’ Pre-visits

We are always happy to meet with teachers to plan and discuss museum visits. To book a pre-visit please call 01223 332904 or email .