I was inspired by an untitled Kenneth Noland painting, in particular its simplicity. I thought it looked like a target.

Ready Steady Fire was inspired by the three circles at the centre of the target. The arrow is off the mark. My intention was for the energy to move inwards, but it has missed its mark and the arrow veers off (out of the canvas).

Image["Satellite - Ready Steady Fire"]

Ready Steady Fire

In Suicide Bomber in the Park the energy is moving outwards. If the circles are a different distance from one another the energy is changed. The colours are there to complement one another.

Image["Satellite - Suicide Bomber in the Park"]

Suicide Bomber in the Park

The word 'target' links my work with Kenneth Noland's. My intention is to target the viewer and to cause a reaction.

The Kenneth Noland painting that particularly inspired Satellite is currently not on *display. Another example of Noland's work can be *seen on the staircase near the courtyard entrance and is best viewed from the landing outside the Shiba Gallery (Gallery 14).

Link to OPAC entry for Noland's Saturday Morning (PD.30-1984)

*Please note that the locations referenced are correct as of 1st December 2008. If you are visiting the Museum to see a specific object please contact us to check that it is on display on the day you plan to visit

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