Malcolm Munro

Rubens' The Death of Hippolytus provides the best jumping-off point for my current work. I think Rubens' technique and sense of dynamic energy are still relevant to contemporary painters.

In three of my studies, or paraphrases, the chariot gradually mutates into a type of steam locomotive. The horses become fairground wooden horses in one study, and in another become two donkeys that I observed in a Normandy paddock, one of whom used to rear on his hind legs to pick green apples from a tree.

Image["Malcolm Munro - Chariot Studies"]

Chariot Studies

Image["Malcolm Munro - Chariot Studies (detail)"]

Chariot Studies (detail)

Rubens' The Death of Hippolytus is on *display in Gallery 8.

Link to OPAC entry for Death of Hippolytus (PD.8-1979)

*Please note that the locations referenced are correct as of 1st December 2008. If you are visiting the Museum to see a specific object please contact us to check that it is on display on the day you plan to visit

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