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Charlotte McKeggie

I was inspired by the Egyptian collection in the Museum. What really fascinated me was the fact that everything tells a story – I got really into trying to work out how stories unravel across the surface of a coffin. To begin with I looked at the coffins of Nespawershefyt and Nakhtefmut – I was excited by the decorative element of them and curious about how well preserved the colours were. I chose details of some of the gods and began to explore them, initially for shape and form but then I started to wonder about what they symbolised. I was drawn to the shapes of Horus and Thoth and then realised that there was a connection between them – Thoth had healed Horus's eye. I liked the idea that there was something that linked these gods.

Charlotte McKeggie - Horus

Horus. Acrylics and gold on stretched canvas

Charlotte McKeggie - Horus II

Horus II. mixed media on stretched canvas

Charlotte McKeggie - Scarab

Scarab. ceramic relief

Charlotte McKeggie - Thoth

Thoth. 6 ceramic tiles

The coffins of Nespawershefyt and of Nakhtefmut are on *display in Gallery 19.

Link to OPAC entry for E.64.1896

*Please note that the locations referenced are correct as of 1st December 2008. If you are visiting the Museum to see a specific object please contact us to check that it is on display on the day you plan to visit