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Cat Polet

I really enjoyed the session on modern art. We looked at Picasso during this session and something that really struck me about his work was the way he distorts and twists the human form. I wanted to create work that was figurative and expressive and looking at Picasso helped with this.

From what I've found out about Picasso, his work is autobiographical, to a certain extent. My work is too and I felt that I related to his work because of this.

Cat Polet - I've Killed Her Off

I've Killed Her Off

Cat Polet - Head


Cat Polet - Bird


A selection of Picasso portraits and still life paintings are on *display in Gallery 1.

Link to OPAC entry for Picasso’s Cubist Head (Portrait of Fernande) (PD.13-1974)

*Please note that the locations referenced are correct as of 1st December 2008. If you are visiting the Museum to see a specific object please contact us to check that it is on display on the day you plan to visit