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Under 5s

Sessions for children under five

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Enjoy Judith Kerr’s classic story in the ceramics gallery then admire some of our amazing tea sets before making a tea cup of your own to take home.

The Lost Jewellery

Join us in helping the beautiful Princess Pearl recover her lost jewellery in a tale involving an adventurous princess, danger on the high seas and boxes full of treasure! The story is based around painted portraits, seascapes, armour and a medieval hoard. In the art studio we’ll use a range of craft materials to create a box to keep our own treasures safe.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Ideal for younger preschoolers and toddlers, we share Eric Carle’s famous picture book and look for butterflies, caterpillars and their food in our gallery of Dutch flower paintings. Then you will have the chance to experiment with butterfly paintings and creating a flowery garden.


Prince Clarence

Look closely at our fan collection to discover the story of Prince Clarence and the princesses wanting to marry him, and then decorate a fan for yourself in the studio.


Find all kinds of human and animal feet in the applied arts galleries, based on Dr Seuss’ The Foot Book and then use your own feet to make a huge painting on our studio floor!

Little Boat

Thomas Docherty’s story is told in front of some of our beautiful waterscapes. The paintings and story will inspire our own artwork in either watery paintings or clay boat models.

Mouse Shapes

Exploring shape and pattern in the entrance hall, and making our own story-based shape collages based on Ellen Stoll Walsh’s picture book.


The Wish Fish

Figurines from European pottery are used in a retelling of the famous folk tale of the fish who grants wishes to the fisherman who sets him free. Finish the session by making your own magical sparkly fish using collage materials and textured paint rollers.

Owl Babies

Suitable for our youngest visitors, gather in front of the magnificent clay owl to hear Martin Waddell’s story, and then go bird-watching in the ceramics gallery.


The Horse and the Lion

Hear the fantastical story of Juliette and the magical talking horses, told using the paintings and sculpture of famous French artists Monet, Cezanne and Degas, among others. Use clay to create your own horse figure or lion face.

Colours in Gloomland

Explore the use of colour and texture in our collection of twentieth century art, and bring the colours back to Gloomland! Continue to develop your understanding of colours with some bold painting using colours you can mix yourself.

Maximillian the Magnificent

Hear the story of our brave knight, Maximillian as he prepares himself for battle in the armoury, inspired by the animals he sees all around him. This session is enhanced with handling objects from the Zoology Museum.